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Plastic Wash Bottles, Permeability Apparatus (Falling Head Permeability), Oncometer Kidney, MIC Trainer, Electronic Total Station (Reflectorless), Cloud & Pour Point, Standard Compaction Test, Daily Rain Gauge, Auto KARL FISCHER Titrimeter, Digital Salinity Meter, Water Soil Analyses, Motorised Sand Equivalent Shaker Set, Piston Recorder, Polystyrene Shear, Concrete Core Drill, Saybolt Viscometer, Colour Standard Chart, Compaction Pedestal, Manometers, Electrical Sieve Shaker, Frog Muscle Chamber, Electronic Total Station, Microprocessor Ph Meter, Flash Point, Universal Water Bath (Serological Type), Dial Gauges, Digital Spectrophotometer 960nm, Scratch Hardness, Digital Spectrophotometer, Isolated Organ Baths, Spirometer, Liquid Limit Device (with Counter), Operating Table (improved), Rolling Thin Film Oven, Gloves, Density Bottle (GAY-LUSSAC Type), Stands, After-load lever, Mud Balance, Flow Cup, pH/ Conductivity/ TDS/ Salt/ Temp. Waterproof Tester, Karl Fisher Titri Meter, Colony Counter, Tissue Culture Station Single Unit, Slide Warming Table, Universal Extruder Frame Hydraulic, Wire Saw/ Open Saw, Ph Meter, Hair Aesthesiometer, Sliding Microtome (Jung Type),